Mango's Persians

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PKD/DNA Negative

Four Generation Pedigree

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Open & Ultra Faced

                                Kittens available

Born 19th March 2015, a litter of five from Chelsea! Unfortunately, due to some complications we sadly lost two of the smaller babies. The remaining three however, are really thriving now, and we have:-

Blue cream ultra faced female (Reserved for Loretta, Olivia & Lucy)

Red & white bi ultra faced female (Reserved for Katharine)

Lilly - White solid open faced female (Reserved for our good friends Tina and Peter)





Below is a just a small selection of some kittens from recent years! 

Born Sunday 30th June 2014 - 3am. A litter of four from Bluebell. From left to right....Oscar, Pele, Rio and Liliana!!!!

 We have:-

'Pele' - Blue solid ultra faced male (RESERVED FOR NIKKI AND CHLOE IN MARKS TEY)

 'Oscar' - Blue and white bi ultra faced male - (RESERVED FOR DARRAN & JENNIFER IN HULL)


'Rio' Blue and white bi ultra faced girl  - (RESERVED FOR SARAH AND KEVIN IN WOODBRIDGE)

'Liliana' - Blue solid open faced girl - (RESERVED FOR VAL AND GARY IN DUNSTABLE)

Bookings being taken shortly for viewings at five weeks of age - (any time after the 2nd weekend of August), ready to leave at 12 weeks of age (October 2014).


Born 5th August 6am 2013! A litter of 4 from Bluebell. We have a blue & white bi and 3 blue solids. RIP the last little one which sadly didn't make it xx 





 Above - Gypsy (ultra faced blue girl) - RESERVED FOR BRIDGET, GRAEME AND ANNABEL IN NORFOLK


Above - Angel (ultra faced blue and white bi girl) - RESERVED FOR DAVE AND DEBBIE (Marmaduke will soon have a friend!)


 Above - Louis (open faced blue boy) - RESERVED FOR MR & MRS COLSON IN LONG MELFORD


 Above - Barney (ultra faced blue boy) - RESERVED FOR BRIDGET, GRAEME AND ANNABEL IN NORFOLK


Born over the Jubilee weekend - a litter of six from Bluebell...sorry but all these kittens have now left for their new homes!!

 Below: Katherine (An open faced tortie female) - RESERVED FOR MR PETT IN LONG MELFORD


Below: Zara - (An open faced calico female). - RESERVED FOR TRACEY IN MARKS TEY



Below: Savannah (An open faced cameo tortie female, lovely type!!) - RESERVED FOR LISA AND MATTHEW IN CHELMSFORD



Below: Katie - (An open faced calico female - very rare colours on this kitten, and a exceptionally light face) - RESERVED FOR TRACEY & FAMILY IN WOODBRIDGE


 Below: Sophia - (An ultra faced Cameo tortie female....she has been hand reared and is therefore extremely affectionate!!! ) - RESERVED FOR NICKY AND CHLOE IN MARKS TEY


 Below: Edward - (Black solid male) - RESERVED FOR IAN AND JULIE IN KENT.



 Born 29th April 2012, a litter of three from Guiness!

 We are pleased to announce that Guiness had two shaded silver boys (Leo & Star) and a cameo tortie girl (Phoebe). Unfortunately, Star had an undeveloped palate and he has passed away RIP x

The good news is that after a difficult start, Leo and Phoebe are now doing well, please call for details....

Viewings from Saturday 9th June. 

Below - Phoebe (An outstanding Cameo Tortie girl; Superb type!!!) - RESERVED FOR LINDA IN PINNER.



 Below - Leo (a lovely shaded silver boy) - RESERVED FOR LEIGH AND MARIA IN NUNEATON